Creative Thinking

clarino-2Creating strong professional relationships matter in the creative industry, but partnerships mean more.

I am fortunate enough to have formed some great partnerships during the course of my career, one of my favorites being Tim Berglund from Matmarket.  We have meetings every so often to catch up and discuss business, but our meetings are not your conventional sort.  They usually take place in a nice bar or restaurant with just the right ambience.  Our discussions about business take place over our Grey Goose and grapefruit juices (GGGJ)and are infused with stories about life,travel and trends.


What is so different about Tim Berglund, you ask?  Can you imagine having a full on conversation about cosmetics with a man?  Can you imagine shopping a Mac cosmetic counter with a guy, much less a vendor?   Tim is no ordinary vendor.  He notices the pigment in nail products,eyeshadows and BB creams and has the ability to recreate that experience through synthetic materials.  Take a look at your own makeup collection.  Take note of the color shift, the glimmer, the shine and the pigments in the cosmetics.  Now, go to your closet and pull out your favorites trainers- is there a high gloss patent or pearlized finish bouncing off the toe?  Well, now you know what Tim Berglund is about.Untitled-1

Tim and I had such a meeting recently.  As usual, we weave back and forth through topics for hours, but our conversation eventually returned to a discussion about Clarino products, and other innovative materials, textures or finishes that we are inspired by out in the market.  It is around this point in our meeting that Tim, not unlike Santa on Christmas morning, pulls out something special- a thin synthetic sheet as light as air with a subtle grain texture on the surface and a low sheen.  The material is water based and non-solvent without sacrificing the luxury, it’s strong at a thickness of 0.5mm but performs like a 1.0mm.  I immediately imagine this material on a low profile cleated shoe in lieu of kangaroo or calf leather.  I imagine how light the shoe would be and how amazing it would feel against the foot.  The material would feel like kangaroo or calf, but would take the performance to another level.


To wrap up today’s lesson in performance, where full grain leather begins- Clarino products take over.  You see, knowing how to apply synthetics while thoughtfully balancing leather is a skill that footwear designers spend their entire careers hoping to master.  Clarino products make this approach to design seamless and thoughtful.





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