Pantone 17-5641 Emerald

All right, we all know it’s here. Respect the the green! But before the weather warms and spring begins, lets all hold hands and drink the same liquid (preferably a gin and tonic, not a grasshopper!)


We don’t want to see the same old mistakes from the last time green was in: apple green skinny jean paired with a floral green tee , Tory Burch pump and green Michael Kors bag. Oh, and don’t forget your green metallic scarf! No, this is not how you approach any trending color. If you get overexcited about the green, a large bird will likely mistake you for a giant caterpillar and carry you away.

Lesson one: please don’t overdo the green. (We said please!)


Remember the old adage: less is more:

The image above features some beautiful emerald pieces, but wearing them all, (or even a few) at once will have people approaching you asking where you left your lucky charms.

Try this on for size: a green eye shadow with a nude polished lip, a flattering skinny jean paired with an ivory blouse. Show your prowess by accessorizing with a leopard bag and a green pump for a long lean tonal leg. Still craving more? Try jewelry pieces with emerald hints, or pairing the ensemble with an emerald jacket. The lesson here is, don’t go all green (unless we are talking sustainability). Have fun with it and mix and match with other Spring 2013 trends!


Everyone can rock this flattering color,its fresh, it’s bold and it will make any woman feel empowered and sexy. But for the sake of the social world we live in and the instant notoriety you will gain,be smart and remember… less is more powerful.

For those of you who are looking for budget conscious emerald buys, we suggest checking out:


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