Altered States

The next couple of posts will contain exciting trend forecasting content provided by our lovely friends at Arjowiggens.  The world has revealed that the upcoming 2014 trends will be embodied in these two major categories: Altered State, and Bio-Tech.  In this post, we will explore “Altered State” and what it means.

The phrase “Altered State” can be taken quite literally: nothing is how it seems with this upcoming trend for 2014!  With an exploration of “sharp contrast, discordant mixes, and shifting perceptions”, it offers an interesting perspective on modern design trends.


The play of new and old, transformative colors and designs, as well as a lighthearted take on hybrids are what you will see in all forms in the upcoming year.  With the development of technology, the world is changing faster than we can keep track.  Your cravings for the world of yesterday is satisfied with this trend, as we return to older traditions and apply the clean, crisp, minimalistic aesthetics that are accessible with modern technology.

Altered-states2This trend presents opportunities for interesting juxtapositions of nostalgic designs combined with new innovations.  A francophone that features an iPod attachment, a modern and utilitarian design houses an archery practice room, a USB typewriter to connect to your digital device.

What does this all mean for colors and textures?  The playful irony of this trend extends to the clean and crisp color palette.

-Monochromatic Black, white and gray.

-Steely metallic, fiery reds and a high contrast orange.

– Glossy finishes

– Geometric embosses with contrast reverse effects


Artists and designers have already been experimenting with this trend in the recent years.  Check out some of our favorite examples for inspiration!


1)   Victronix Insulated Parka Bag (

2)   High Tech archery and shooting range at the Institute of Sports Science (Japan)

3)   Olympic Archery inspired beauty trends.

4)   “Linger a Little Longer” by Jay Watson (Here is his Portfolio)


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