The Portland Press Project by Bucket

If you love making your own coffee with a French press  but hate having to constantly replace the delicate glass carafe then you will love this product!  This is a product that allows you to experience the deliciousness that is french pressed coffee with your average mason jar.
I do not find it at all surprising that this clever idea was hatched by two designers residing in… you guessed it,  mason jar loving Portlandia!  The best part about this design is the story of Portland it tells beyond just the design.  The designers ( their company is named Bucket)  also sourced and manufactured all of the parts in Oregon.  The “made in the USA” label is not a ruse here; some of the manufacturers who are working with Bucket are Portland Stamping & Manufacturing, Spooltown, Creekside Fiber Mill, Puddleduck Farm, B&L Wood Creations, Northwest Spring Manufacturing, Oregon Screw Machine Products, and Tualatin Valley Workshop
Bucket-PortlandPress-tall Bucket-PortlandPress-trio Bucket-PortlandPress-parts
The design is clean ,minimal and experientially lovely– who doesn’t love the smell of brewed coffee and the feel of a wool sleeve around their mason jar of coffee?
Bucket co-founders Bryan Kappa and Robert Story are the two designers who are currently trying to get this project off the ground via  You can read their story here.

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