The Leather Vignette



My mum had a beautiful crocodile purse in the back of her closet that I had always admired.  I ended up holding onto it and using it for a couple of nights out paired with my crocodile pumps from Milan.  As it turns out I really had a bigger vision for this little bag.


It now lives in my new leather vignette along with old trunks, leather, and found objects I have collected from my travels.  I had envisioned the project as a way to display old world trends, and a way to create a beautiful story describing the most coveted material in the world.  The leather vignette is now a part of the MLAB, and is the product of late nights, glasses of my favorite prosecco, and bonding with Melanie (aka: Parisian Diva) who voluntarily put lots of work into the display.  She certainly knows her way around power tools!




A few of my favorites from the display:

IMG_6690 An Hermes full grain leather with a soft milled finish, in a lightly saturated poppy red is set gently in an aged trunk with a handmade flower in boiled wool.


 Curly tree branches I picked up with my mum on a walk years ago for her to use for her tomato vines.

– The appropriately named “Ether” leather from Ecco.  The unique Napa grain provides a soft touch, and the yellow foiled iridescence finish travels across the grain like the northern lights.  (You have to see it to believe it)


– A silk screen door from the Philippines circa 1920’s sets the mood of the display.  Risa and I found this one during a trip to our favorite, Hippo Hardware.

[Photos and editing by Risa]


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