Why Materials

Someone asked me what can I learn in your materials class, I had to stop my brain from pouring out multiple answers to that question… ok filter.

The question is not what, the question is why?

Why do materials matter in the lifestyle of a designer and how do they play a role in your design process? They inform every decision you make from the way you draw a line from toe to heel on your sketch pad to the drape of a sleeve on a garment.

Why should materials matter to a designer? Without material choices and the knowing the strengths they have to enhance your design you are left with flat and prosaic pieces of materials the will not carry their own weight on your design.

I love to teach the stories behind materials,why using a leather replacement can add technology and speed go your shoe or using leather can add timeless craftsmanship,wrapping your design in one of the oldest materials man has coveted.



Kristina M.
Arjowiggins Casting Papers + Merck Pigment


So to all you Creatives out there…educate your selves, pick up a book on

Leather Technology(go to resources) or take a Materials class (go to classes)

Feed your Creative Sole






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