What students can expect:

CAPSOLES were created to help to Professionals increase their knowledge of the U.S. design process,color+materials and what it takes to become a future leader. CAPSOLES can help you transition into your new role or prepare for new opportunities. You will leave inspired and with tools to elevate you as a professional. Lastly, professionals that attend CAPSOLES will learn from experienced designed professionals that are celebrated members of the global footwear community for the last three decades.

CAPSOLES agenda:


CAPSOLE One: MLAB Materials Matter –      1 day by Suzette Henry, Materials Director, PENSOLE

CAPSOLE Two: You’ve Got Briefed-               1 day by Dwayne Edwards,Founder, PENSOLE

CAPSOLE Three: Product Storytelling-         1 day by Dwayne Edwards,PENSOLE


Overview: MLab Materials matter. Become more effective in your creative role by learning the fundamentals of CMF (color, materials, finishes), building a supplier network, and gaining the knowledge to become an expert in the design process. This class is interactive, filled with valuable insights, industry experts and a gather list of materials you’ll use in your current role.


Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall

Tuition: $500 per class or $1,200( 20% discount) for all 3 classes

Capacity: Maximum of 25 attendees /minimum of 10 in order for class to be held

Register: For registration or more information please email dwayne@pensole.com

For complete description please go to programs at www.pensole.com


Class Dates: Saturday thru Monday, February 14th – 16th 2015 from 10-4pm

Registration Deadline: Jan 15 2015*

Target Attendees:

Material Designers,Footwear Designers, Color Designer, Product Managers, Product Merchandisers, Product Developers and Material Developers


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