MLAB at Pensole

MLab a creative resource

MLab a creative resource

MLAB at PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy is pleased to announce the launch of MLAB at PENSOLE of OREGON.

MLAB is a creative business model which drives education and innovation through design classes. 

Our mission is to provide aspiring material+color designers a platform to show Oregon design companies that there is talent in their own backyard. Some of these companies will provide scholarships to select students to participate in this exclusive master class at PENSOLE.

MLAB at PENSOLE of OREGON offers Master class, is a comprehensive approach that features industry professionals ranging from design directors, design managers, designers, design recruiters and hiring managers—all willing to share knowledge to help inspire, guide and challenge you to reach your creative potential:


 Introduction to material design:                        

  • Creative Process
  • Material POV
  • Material Briefs  & Palettes
  • Global Innovative trends
  • Terminologies


 Emphasize professional skills:

  • Trade shows
  • Business Conduct
  • Internships + HR mentoring
  • Resume + Portfolio  Development
  • Calendar + time management
  • Presentation + communication 


MLAB at PENSOLE of OREGON will be taught at PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy, located at 10 NW 5th Avenue, in Portland, Oregon.


Applicants must be at least 18 years of age when they apply. Class is limited to 10 students so apply early! 


Students must submit one original palette, showing material & color design

 * Only color will be accepted. Be creative and show your voice in either Footwear, interior, apparel or accessory palettes.


Submit 1 design to

Students may send a second hard copy by mail of their palette using textiles, synthetic &

Cow leather in 8 ½ x 11 format.

Send to Suzette Henry MLAB/ Pensole Footwear Design Academy 10 NW 5th Street

Portland, Or 97209 *this is optional

Palettes must be submitted in order to be eligible to win a scholarship to attend MLAB PENSOLE of OREGON Master class. Applications submitted through any means other than MESH01 and mail will not be considered.


2015 dates to be scheduled

Applicants who are accepted to the class will be notified and sent registration information by March 17, 2014. In addition, applicants who are accepted to the class will be asked to sign other documentation and submit to a background check as a condition to formal enrollment into the class.


All applications are subject to and governed by the Official Rules, which are located [here; provide link].  By submitting an application, you agree to be bound by and perform your obligations described in the Official Rules.


COURSE SCHEDULE:                                    

Monday to Monday

9am to 5pm




All applicants who are selected for the class will be eligible for scholarships.



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