Contributing Materialistas …

Suzette is an expert in materials and design consultanting who currently resides in Portland, Oregon. Her background includes Marithe + Francois Girbaud, Guess Inc, Skechers and Jordan Brand a division of Nike, Inc. where she became the first material designer in 2001.  Suzette Henry’s philosophy is grounded in creativity and mentorship.

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Risa Beck 

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Risa is the creative.  She is a graduate of the University of Oregon, school of Architecture and Allied arts.  She received a Bachelor of Architecture, and a Bachelor of Arts in Product material studies.  Outside of design, she enjoys coffee, running, wine, writing, fashion and illustration. Currently she is working at Nike as Color Designer for Cleated+Football+ Baseball & Lacrosse categories.

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Check out more of her work here

Sarah Sabino


Sarah aka S4 loves to create moments for people to enjoy. Whether it be from looking at vibrant painting she has created, or wearing a pair of shoes she has designed,she loves to give people special moments where they can enjoy the world in a new way. She studied Painting and Industrial Design a Massachuesetts College of Art & Design where she learned how to explore the elements of color, texture & material. S4 is also a 2x Pensole Footwear Design Academy Alumni where she studied footwear design. Apart from art and design  Sarah is a teacher for Sneakers4sucess Boston where she instructs kids K-12 about various career opportunities in the footwear industry.On her way to her dream,she is a Footwear Designer at Converse.

Kelley Rother


Kelley Rother has always sought to find and instill beauty in the world around her. She has been a successful hair stylist and master colorist for 10+ years in Portland, Oregon. She studied fashion marketing at the Art Institute of Portland where she learned to hone her design eye to the realm of fashion, color and materials. Outside the studio she enjoys exploring with her French Bulldog Meatball, traveling and chatting it up with friends,clients and other artist. She has also completed two Design internships at the MLab.

Anna Smith


Anna has always been a creative thinker and doer. Her career as a movement and visual artist (choreographer,director,educator,and performer) was a steady foundation for her shift into product design. Her master’s work in Industrial Design at North Carolina State University was layered with research and teaching assistantships in Human Factors + Ergonomics + Design Thinking. Anna is humbled to have also worked with Pensole Footwear Design Academy for the last 3 years to supplement her design education specific to the footwear industry.Outside of design Anna finds peace and joy through hot yoga, cooking and spending her time exploring nature.Currently working as Footwear Designer at Keen.




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