Suzette’s story…

Suzette Henry’s journey in the Fashion Industry began in _____ at Absorba Guess? Inc.  She entered the realm of footwear design when she moved onto work at Sketchers as a____.  Through various network connections and by building up her reputation as a material expert, she eventually landed her current position with Brand Jordan Design; a position that was specifically created for her as Nike’s first material designer in 2001.

As the Material Designer for Jordan Design, Suzette spearheads the signature and hierarchy footwear currently coming out of Jordan. Her successes include Exclusive Material Designs on the Jordan Game shoes beginning with on the AJ XVIII through yet to be released AJ012, which includes the AJ XX3, the 1st Sustainable Performance Basket Shoe.

Ms. Henry’s seasonal color and material direction has successfully introduced a unique blend of the artisan and performance known globally.  In fact, she continues to cultivate key relationships in various industries that build a “family- like atmosphere” within Jordan and it’s partners– upholding her respectable standing in the design community.

Henry has also established a core base of networking strategies for over a decade based on her personal experiences and network connections.

Currently, Suzette is Director of MLab- a unique material library that seamlessly forges a relationship between material vendors and suppliers, with design professionals. She also teaches material classes and is currently developing innovations for the Melo, Chris Paul, and D-wade models.  She also maintains the Jordan Design Footwear Material Library

It follows that Suzette will continue to mentor and educate future designers through the Pensole Design School based out of Portland Oregon, where she teaches CMF to under graduate Design students.

“Always leave the door open to creative opportunities, its like spoon-feeding yourself passion”  — Suzette Henry


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